Have you ever been involved in a conversation so painful you were scraping for excuses to leave? Or found yourself so involved in a discussion you lost track of time? Every day we use our body, voice, and technology to communicate with family, friends, and colleagues. Seventeen senior Graphic Design students would like to invite you to explore these relationships through the use of sight and sound in the exhibit: Colloquium.

Curated by: Markus V. Vogl


11/22/10 - 11/30/10


11/30/10 - 6:30-9:00


LuLu Zhuang

LuLu Zhuang

My project is called Introjection conversation. I try to use illustrations and text to talk about the difference of two languages (English and Chinese) in conversation. I use illustrations to tell viewers the different emotions from those two languages, and how they impact each other.

Reaction Statement: I made a poster called "Introjection" for the colloquium show for Advance graphic Design class. The theme of the show is about communication. Introjection is about the psychology term that regarded as the process where the subject replicates in itself behaviors, attributes or other fragments of the surrounding world, especially of other subjects. My poster is 100" wide by 50" high. It tiled with 11* 17 prints. I tried use the big format of my poster to give the visual impact the viewers. Went through the whole semester we worked on this show. Started from gathering the idea o the name of the show until finally put my poster on the wall, I learned a lot from the process. What I learned the most is teamwork and how communication is important for design. A good team can make design work a lot of easier. Communication is also important for a designer, not only the communication with client but also with other designers in the same team. I really enjoyed this class from the beginning. And I wish everyone who is coming to the show could enjoy it.