Have you ever been involved in a conversation so painful you were scraping for excuses to leave? Or found yourself so involved in a discussion you lost track of time? Every day we use our body, voice, and technology to communicate with family, friends, and colleagues. Seventeen senior Graphic Design students would like to invite you to explore these relationships through the use of sight and sound in the exhibit: Colloquium.

Curated by: Markus V. Vogl


11/22/10 - 11/30/10


11/30/10 - 6:30-9:00


Garrett Haas

Garrett Haas

Non verbal expression augments verbal communication. My piece titled Word Less, emphasizes the two non verbal forms; distance and facial expression. By presenting these expressions in addition to the primary verbal exchange, it furthers the understanding of the complexity of communication.

Reaction Statement: Having a class dedicated to an exhibition of works by graphic designers, was very refreshing. Diving into this conceptual project helped me grow as a designer. It was also a great learning experience working as a group to create the press release, logo and website. I found how much goes into a show from start to finish.I learned a little more on working with people, especially during the show set up. Setting up my piece for the show was a great experience. Almost everything went according to plan. The space was not prepared properly, but we made it work. Hanging 3 framed works, went well. Researching and deciding on an anti-theft method was the biggest learning experience. I found that working with a group of 17 people can be very easy when everyone has a mutual goal and are willing to help one another.