Have you ever been involved in a conversation so painful you were scraping for excuses to leave? Or found yourself so involved in a discussion you lost track of time? Every day we use our body, voice, and technology to communicate with family, friends, and colleagues. Seventeen senior Graphic Design students would like to invite you to explore these relationships through the use of sight and sound in the exhibit: Colloquium.

Curated by: Markus V. Vogl


11/22/10 - 11/30/10


11/30/10 - 6:30-9:00


Garrett Haas

Nick Dyko

Conversation is about the rhythm and flow of information and ideas. My piece directs the viewer and encourages an exchange of thought and emotion. Much like a real conversation there is a contrast between the individual and the underlining structure. Voiced is merely an illusion of interaction resembling the organic and intangible nature of an actual conversation. As you visually move around my piece you are socializing with it and sharing ideas about yourself as well as learning from the work and its content.

Reaction Statement: Colloquium was a great opportunity as a Graphic Designer to show off the fine art aspect of the industry. Graphic Design encompasses so many mediums that it is obvious it has the same significance as any other form of art. By having the theme of conversation it was a great way for the class to show off what designers can actually do. After all graphic design at its essence is simply communication. I chose to do a print piece using digital methods and technique and it proved to be a success. I learned a lot about exhibiting artwork and how to set up for this type of exhibition. From this experience I really learned the fine line between professional and fine art and how designers and artists alike can benefit from working together. Technology is the ultimate unifier in art and our show was a great example of this concept. The digital age is one of variety and individuality and as a designer it is important to understand this culture. With my own piece and others in the show, it was a great way to develop a style, and explore innovation and new ideas. I'd like the thank Markus Vogl for his insight and ability to organize the show. I believe I speak for my whole class when I say thanks to anyone and everyone who made this opportunity happen.