Have you ever been involved in a conversation so painful you were scraping for excuses to leave? Or found yourself so involved in a discussion you lost track of time? Every day we use our body, voice, and technology to communicate with family, friends, and colleagues. Seventeen senior Graphic Design students would like to invite you to explore these relationships through the use of sight and sound in the exhibit: Colloquium.

Curated by: Markus V. Vogl


11/22/10 - 11/30/10


11/30/10 - 6:30-9:00


Ted and Nicole

Ted Meltok & Nicole Brewer

Vent lets you express your wildest inhibitions and your deepest secrets in a confined anonymous surrounding. There is no pressure with Vent, it will not judge nor will it discriminate your thoughts or desires. Feelfree to talk to Vent about anything and everything.

Reaction Statement:
Nicole Brewer
When planning a piece for an exhibition the main concern I was focused on was the art of interaction. With the underlying theme of Colloquium being conversation I was immediately attracted to the personal dialogue that you would usually think twice about saying aloud. With that being said, I wanted to merge the idea of a church confessional with the scribbling gossip on a bathroom stall.

Through teamwork, my collaborator and I were able to come up with Vent and the final result is exactly what we were achieving for. The act of releasing true words behind a thin curtain can be daunting but we have had a few brave individuals express their unfeigned feelings which is exactly what we were striving for. I could not be more pleased with the final piece and look forward to future shows.

Ted Meltok
Vent is best described as a nondenominational confessional booth. With this project I wanted to give people a privet location in which they could freely talk with out judgment. With the finalization of Vent in its physical form and its many corresponding extensions, I believe that being in an exhibition, Vent stood out exponentially by showing my interdisciplinary skills as an artist and a designer.

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