Have you ever been involved in a conversation so painful you were scraping for excuses to leave? Or found yourself so involved in a discussion you lost track of time? Every day we use our body, voice, and technology to communicate with family, friends, and colleagues. Seventeen senior Graphic Design students would like to invite you to explore these relationships through the use of sight and sound in the exhibit: Colloquium.

Curated by: Markus V. Vogl


11/22/10 - 11/30/10


11/30/10 - 6:30-9:00


Trevor Sneck

Trevor Sneck

My piece is about the conversation held between a person and their automobile. No words are ever spoken but through a series of movements by the driver, the car is guided to ones destination. Through abstract graphic symbols I will show the dialogue from one place to another.

Reaction Statement: What I learned from doing this show is that no matter what the assignment given is, the concepts developed by those involved will always vary so greatly it will amaze you. When it comes down to it, the possibilities are so great that no one could ever predict what all will be included in the show. Coming up with an idea that will be different from those around you always feels to me like an incredibly hard task, but when all is said and done people always run in completely opposite directions. Just coming up with an idea for the show criteria, name, and concept can be a task bigger than the piece which you end up creating for it. The other part of the show which has always been of interest to me is the complexity of some pieces, and the simplicity of others. The reason it's so intriguing to me is that there really is no right or wrong to creating an effective piece. Just because something has almost nothing to it, it can be just as impactful as one which looks like it took years to complete. Its all about how well thought out a piece is and the way and area in which its set up. As long as the message is delivered it really doesn't matter how it was done.